Retina Scan: Will Replace The Airport Patrol Force

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Security at airports around the world was stepped up after September 11, 2001. After terrorists slammed airplanes into skyscrapers in New York City – not to mention the Pentagon – governments began scrambling for ways to make air travel safer. While a lot of innovations have been come up with over the last decade, there’s one that’s likely going to become used more in the future – a move that could reduce the patrol forces necessary at airports.

Pros and Cons of Retina Scans

Let’s start by looking at some of the various pros and cons of retina scans in airports. These specific benefits and negatives will help you understand why this is such a complex topic that a lot of governments are having to deal with on a daily basis. Whatever is decided, there’s no denying that there are both pros and cons to retina scans at airports.

  • Con – Loss of personal freedom is one negative that a lot of people mention when talking about retina scans at the airport. You already have to supply a photo identification, so why take it to the next level some people wonder.

  • Pro – On the positive side of the coin, retina scans may be able to speed up the security lines at airports and also increase the accuracy of identifying people who shouldn’t be flying the friendly skies.

  • Con – Retina scans might also end up being a huge hassle that costs taxpayers a lot of money. From the equipment needed to the people who need to be trained to use the equipment, the cost can add up quickly.

  • Pro – At the same time, it may be found that retina scans actually decrease the cost of keeping airports safe. This wouldn’t be able to be determined until the system was actually put in place, but these days it’s looking more and more like a possibility.

Will retina scans totally replace human security guards at airports? Of course not, but it’s likely the technology is going to be continued to be used more in order to make sure people on a watchlist are not able to travel via planes. This may or may not cut down on terrorism in the sky, but one thing is for certain – it will likely be fought by many people who believe in freedom.

Where do you stand on the issue? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on retina scans at the airport. Are they needed or merely an invasion of privacy? Whether you agree with them or not, we’d love to hear from you about what you think. If enough people stand up and say they shouldn’t be used at all, it might be possible to stop them from becoming commonplace at airports around the globe. What do you think?

How to Transfer Your Music from to Amazon Cloud to iPhone

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This is a great time to be a music lover. With the brand new technology and gadgets innovation, now we can do anything with our files and music. If you compare your present technology with past technical tools, then you will see from where we have actually started. Think of the time we had to buy music in cassettes and how bulky it would get if you owned just a few hundreds of music tapes excluding the cost which you have to pay for getting these bulky music cassettes.

But today, you have an open access to millions of music files to access anytime and from any location. You can stock your favorite music in the cloud, regardless of space, fire, loss and other inconveniences such as carrying music while travelling. These clouds are effective means to store your favorite music. One such example is amazon cloud player. Other cloud platforms include iTunes, iCloud, and Google Music.

Another benefit is the storage of music in a cloud without fearing of its damage and loss. You are no more afraid of your computer crash, just because you have saved everything in a cloud that can be accessed anytime using an iPhone.

Transferring your music to amazon cloud and then to your iphone is easy. It basically does the same thing other cloud players do. The process is simple. Check below easy steps to transfer your music to Iphone.

  1. First, you need a cloud player that you can get from cloud player websites. Download it and install it on your computers.

  2. You also need to download the uploader which you will install as well.

  1. Using the uploader, you can upload your non-DRM iTune files or music from your hard drive into Amazon’s Cloud Player by clicking “Upload to Your Cloud Drive” button.

  1. You can change the settings of your cloud player to automatically downloading option. It will download the music you have bought from Amazon’s mp3 store. You are generally assigned with a space of 5GB to download thousands of songs.

  1. The songs you buy from Amazon will also be uploaded to your iTunes using the uploader, and you can do this whenever you want to upload your music using the uploader.

Not only this but amazon has much more to offer for its users. Amazon stock market has a record breaking values of “Earning growth” last year. It was +919.31% last year and in the coming year added to that if you have a  Deposit accounts and get high interest rates then they can combine well with trade market to benefit your annual growth earnings.


The iPhone normally has an app called Amazon mp3 player or amazon cloud player. you can get it from apple app store and use it to access your music. the same works for iPod or iPad.

Also, the great fact is the music downloading option to any of your mobile device without syncing the data. The process outlined above is straightforward. You can start listening to your favorite songs once you are done with downloading cloud player and uploader.

How Technology Makes Us Human

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Technology is changing our lives for centuries. From simple reading and recording technical tools to new micro technology, everything is leaving an impact on our lives. Technologists have conducted few surveys to figure out the real fact behind the statements “Technology is making us human”. In actual, the results of these surveys as well as expert opinions are in favor of this fact that “Technology is making us more human”. People have improved personal relationships and they are adopting new culture by interacting via technology and various benefits of health and information are observed. Let’s discuss how technology is making us more human.

How technology is making us more human:

Technology is making us more human with its each new invention. Let’s see how that is possible.

  • Sharing and connect – The basic humanity act is to interact with people and share ideas with them. You feel comfortable by sharing your thoughts. Technology has made this easier for you. Now you can use applications, smart phones and connect with your friends and family any time you want. You have no problem in communication with them and your humanly needs are fulfilled in this way.

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  • Brainstorming – Technical tools are now so advanced that everyone can learn and understand by using these tools. Being a human, you want to learn new subjects, want to interact with latest devices. Easy learning, navigating, reading and educating you was not that simple. As a human you want to compete with the world changing tools and technology has fulfilled your wish.

  • Information storage – Few experts do not agree with this fact that information storage is a more humane act. but when you think deeply, you will find it a human helping act. Storing information is not easier in the brain and you cannot recall a lot of things at one time. Technical devices have large storages that save data and store information for your daily needs. It makes you more human by just interacting with new devices to fetch the data to do your tasks.

  • New inventions- A very interesting viewpoint that supports this fact is the technical invention. Who is inventing these new tools? Do you find any other creature doing these? No it’s not. Humans are inventing and creating wonderful tools for making their own lives easier. They are using their brains and knowledge to design and invent new technology. How you can relate Utilizing knowledge to create a new device to a less human act?

Technical means are not less humans but they may have negative impacts on lives depending on the usage of technology. It works the way, you use it. If you use it to find the cure of critical diseases it totally benefits your life but if you use to waste your time and play games all the time then you are using it in the wrong way. Focus on your activities and usage of technology and then complain that it is dehumanizing or making you less human.