How Technology Makes Us Human

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Technology is changing our lives for centuries. From simple reading and recording technical tools to new micro technology, everything is leaving an impact on our lives. Technologists have conducted few surveys to figure out the real fact behind the statements “Technology is making us human”. In actual, the results of these surveys as well as expert opinions are in favor of this fact that “Technology is making us more human”. People have improved personal relationships and they are adopting new culture by interacting via technology and various benefits of health and information are observed. Let’s discuss how technology is making us more human.

How technology is making us more human:

Technology is making us more human with its each new invention. Let’s see how that is possible.

  • Sharing and connect – The basic humanity act is to interact with people and share ideas with them. You feel comfortable by sharing your thoughts. Technology has made this easier for you. Now you can use applications, smart phones and connect with your friends and family any time you want. You have no problem in communication with them and your humanly needs are fulfilled in this way.

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  • Brainstorming – Technical tools are now so advanced that everyone can learn and understand by using these tools. Being a human, you want to learn new subjects, want to interact with latest devices. Easy learning, navigating, reading and educating you was not that simple. As a human you want to compete with the world changing tools and technology has fulfilled your wish.

  • Information storage – Few experts do not agree with this fact that information storage is a more humane act. but when you think deeply, you will find it a human helping act. Storing information is not easier in the brain and you cannot recall a lot of things at one time. Technical devices have large storages that save data and store information for your daily needs. It makes you more human by just interacting with new devices to fetch the data to do your tasks.

  • New inventions- A very interesting viewpoint that supports this fact is the technical invention. Who is inventing these new tools? Do you find any other creature doing these? No it’s not. Humans are inventing and creating wonderful tools for making their own lives easier. They are using their brains and knowledge to design and invent new technology. How you can relate Utilizing knowledge to create a new device to a less human act?

Technical means are not less humans but they may have negative impacts on lives depending on the usage of technology. It works the way, you use it. If you use it to find the cure of critical diseases it totally benefits your life but if you use to waste your time and play games all the time then you are using it in the wrong way. Focus on your activities and usage of technology and then complain that it is dehumanizing or making you less human.