How to Transfer Your Music from to Amazon Cloud to iPhone

Photo credit: imore

This is a great time to be a music lover. With the brand new technology and gadgets innovation, now we can do anything with our files and music. If you compare your present technology with past technical tools, then you will see from where we have actually started. Think of the time we had to buy music in cassettes and how bulky it would get if you owned just a few hundreds of music tapes excluding the cost which you have to pay for getting these bulky music cassettes.

But today, you have an open access to millions of music files to access anytime and from any location. You can stock your favorite music in the cloud, regardless of space, fire, loss and other inconveniences such as carrying music while travelling. These clouds are effective means to store your favorite music. One such example is amazon cloud player. Other cloud platforms include iTunes, iCloud, and Google Music.

Another benefit is the storage of music in a cloud without fearing of its damage and loss. You are no more afraid of your computer crash, just because you have saved everything in a cloud that can be accessed anytime using an iPhone.

Transferring your music to amazon cloud and then to your iphone is easy. It basically does the same thing other cloud players do. The process is simple. Check below easy steps to transfer your music to Iphone.

  1. First, you need a cloud player that you can get from cloud player websites. Download it and install it on your computers.

  2. You also need to download the uploader which you will install as well.

  1. Using the uploader, you can upload your non-DRM iTune files or music from your hard drive into Amazon’s Cloud Player by clicking “Upload to Your Cloud Drive” button.

  1. You can change the settings of your cloud player to automatically downloading option. It will download the music you have bought from Amazon’s mp3 store. You are generally assigned with a space of 5GB to download thousands of songs.

  1. The songs you buy from Amazon will also be uploaded to your iTunes using the uploader, and you can do this whenever you want to upload your music using the uploader.

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The iPhone normally has an app called Amazon mp3 player or amazon cloud player. you can get it from apple app store and use it to access your music. the same works for iPod or iPad.

Also, the great fact is the music downloading option to any of your mobile device without syncing the data. The process outlined above is straightforward. You can start listening to your favorite songs once you are done with downloading cloud player and uploader.