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Google Teams With GM, Honda, and Audi to Bring Android to Cars

Google Teams With GM, Honda, and Audi to Bring Android to Cars

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With fancy screen sizes of tablets, hand held devices and phones bombarding the markets, there was little that had not been touched by the wizard of the OS, Android by Google. It was not very far fetched to think of cars coming with embedded screen systems that would be powered by Android too. And like they say, Google has done and dusted everything you could ever think of.

Yes, Google has signed up with the multinational car production brands Audi, Honda, General Motors and manufacturers of Nvidia(the supercharged computer chips) to come in alliance and create the Open Automotive Alliance. This association looks forward to building and bringing to the market, cars that are fitted with Android-integrated systems. The concept sounds pretty neat and with such big names associated with evolving the whole concept, the whole world has its eyes set on getting to see what they can come up with.

It was at the Consumer Electronics Show held at Las vegas where this grand announcement was made. The involved groups put forward their plans and goals on how they aim to ideate and collate their vision. Although the first Android powered vehicle is set for a launch by the end of 2014, release times of vehicles will completely depend on the respective manufacturer. Its been a while since Android took the mobile world by a storm with their superior technology, and since cars explain mobility in the most literal format, the alliance’s formation was only about a matter of time.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

With most people owning an Android device in current times, it becomes a lot more easier for them to get used to its user interface on the car system as well. Google promises to deliver a much more convenient driving experience backed by its mobile technology which ensures a better focus on the road without the hassles of getting distracted by other things. Such is going to be the ergonomics of the complete in-built system.

Innovation scope for app developers

This system will open doors for a new genre of apps for app developers. Where most app niches have been explored and flooded by various technology firms, it gives a fresh new area to work on and innovate. One can only wonder the tangents that innovative app developers are going to go into for making drives more convenient and hassle free. The organizations that have gotten into the alliance share a common goal: to connect the automotive industry with mobile power for innovation and progress. Driver’s safety if a big concern for them too and with this platform, it gives opportunity to analytic thinkers to come up with innovative solutions for automobile and on road safety too.

Apple following Suite

Most interestingly, this alliance does not mark Google’s debut in the automotive world. They have been working on coming up with a driverless car. With Google stepping into the automotive world, it takes no rocket science to understand that Apple would very closely follow suite. For the same, the company has already filed a patent of a touchscreen dashboard system. It has also been reported that they are simultaneously working with Honda and Hyundai among other automotive organizations for backing up cars with the iOS system in them.


Cars you will drive in 2050

The craze for owning cars has been growing exponentially since the past few decades. It has always been one of the top favorite possessions for humans. What will cars be like in 2050?  Will they be automated, or electric or something else? Will there be cars or any other similar car like automobiles that are much more advanced? How will the cars look like in 2050? These are some questions put forward by many car lovers throughout the world. The answers to which are not completely unknown as the amount of inventions and technologies rising enormously, we can get a rough idea on the type of cars that will be used by 2050.

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Automated cars

How will it be to drive without using hands? Isn’t the concept too exciting? The motive of the automobile industry is to launch cars that will be self-driven and will not require a driver. With automated cars, even human errors can be avoided. This will save a lot of time and also help you to get an ample amount of rest. These cars can be parked in a specially designed parking lot for automated cars.

These cars can continually be in motion, and you can avail a car as an when you need it. This is a grand plan proposed by many leading car companies.  There can be different modes to which the car can be set to drive, depending upon where you are driving: a city or a highway. Steering wheels do not form a part of the proposed car.  Driving will be a much safer thing to do as the cars will be controlled by machines and machines are accurate and do not commit errors. It can be expected that there will be a much smoother flow of traffic as the roads can be used much more efficiently.

Fuel or something else?

If automated cars come into the picture then what will be the underlying fuel driving these cars is a huge question. There will be scarcity of petrol and by 2050 the scarcity will be a matter of great concern.  There are many other alternatives that automotive engineers have thought about these are electricity, hydrogen and natural gas.

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However there is also a chance that petrol and diesel will continue to maintain their dominance. It is difficult to think about a car without combustion engine. Batteries are a good option for shorter routes but where longer routes are concerned they might not be able to emit power for so long.  Hydrogen is being converted to electricity as a fuel for cars. This will lead to a very smooth drive which will not lead to the emission of harmful gases. In this case it will be only water vapor.

Flexibility and design

The cars of 2050 are expected to be immensely flexible.  These cars are expected to have all the latest applications and be as flexible as mobile devices, Smartphones and laptops.  The application can contain a list of your favorite places and can take you there following the GPS locator. You can relax all the way. The designs are expected to be the same with slight change in the outlook and contour. These cars can be expected to be made up of lightweight materials.

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Adam Prattler is an automobile enthusiast and loves to blog and post about cars of the future. He believes that automobiles have seen a lot of advancements in the last 2 or 3 decades, but the amount that is to come is insane.

The Five Best Electric Vehicles – for Millionaires

So, you’ve got a good rate from your electricity supplier, how about taking advantage of it by investing in a brand new electric car? Although there have been some amazing advances in electric vehicles, it’s a sad fact that it’s not quite ready for all of us yet. Although some hybrid and electric cars are out there on the market, there are some staggeringly awesome cars out there that most of us can only dream of. With that said, let’s take a look at the top five best electric vehicles available for those who can afford to spend millions on one of these technological marvels.

The Rinspeed sQuba

rinspeed squba

This is a car that’s not exactly a car… well, it is – it certainly looks like a car – but it’s also a pretty amazing underwater all-electric vehicle. It’s entirely emission-free and also runs on biodegradable lubricants, not to mention the fact that it’s a SUBMERSIBLE SPORTS CAR! This car will really bring out the James Bond in you, and it’s completely green. Apparently it cost over $1.5 million to build and has been top bill at some recent motor shows. Whatever will Rinspeed think of next?




The Venturi Fetish


This electric sports car beat Tesla to the quick and has been out since 2002 – can you believe it? With only around 30 in existence, you can pick one of these babies up for around $600,000. It has a very distinctive look and comes in pretty purple, too. Fancy.

The Lightning GT

lighting gtBuilt by the British manufacturer Lightning, and partly funded by the government, this car really packs a punch, with some high capacity nanosafe lithium ion batteries and a soul of the devil (well, maybe not the last bit) – you’ll certainly be driving like a bat out of hell with this car! At $900,00 it ties with the Tesla Roadster in being the faster on this list, with a 3.9 second zero to 60 time.

The Tesla Roadster










The distinctive look and great performance of the Tesla Roadster, compared with the price (a third that of the Lightning GT at $300,000), means that this car is probably the most desirable and a very popular choice for many of the rich and famous.

The Fisker Karma


The Karma is a little different, as it’s really a hybrid car – with a difference. It can be plugged into the wall and can then be driven for around 50 miles without consuming any gasoline (and no, it doesn’t run on diesel). A small gasoline powered generator can then recharge the battery, meaning you don’t have to stop and plug your car in somewhere! Impressive, eh? It’s got the slowest 0-60 time on this list, but it has an impressive top speed of 125 mph. Now that’s something you can’t complain about! Also interesting to know, it has roof-top solar panels, if you really want to pay for those, too.

If you’re going to fork out for one of these bad boys, it might also be an idea to compare energy tariffs – although it may seem a drop in the ocean to some.

Our guest blogger, Richard Newman, is a copywriter and poet with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Creative Writing. He has worked in various marketing & creative roles since 2001. His goal is to publish at least one novel before dieing – so far he has had 2 poems published internationally in print as well as some online. In his professional capacity he currently works for an advertising agency in London.