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OmniTouch – Demo Video

Many of you may be familiar with Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense technology well Microsoft is making it happen! Don’t worry it wasn’t stolen from Pranav, he used to work for Microsoft and they helped him to make his dream a reality. You can look at a separate older Microsoft video depicting the use of sixth sense technology in their very cool future productivity video here.

An Interview with Dr. Eugene Ch’ng about Multitouch User Interfaces

Eugene Ch'ng

Eugene Ch'ng

Dr. Eugene Ch’ng is Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham’s Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub and the Visual and Spatial Technology Centre. He has formal education in a wide variety of fields. Eugene specializes in interactive digital media, interactive 3D, Virtual Environments, Agent-based Modelling for marine and terrestrial ecology that requires large computing clusters for processing of agent-interaction and computer graphics rendering. The fusion of 3D visualisation and artificial intelligence is a unique strength that is applicable to a wide variety of research.
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“ROS (Robotic Operating Systems) Everywhere!” says Willow Garage’s Steve Cousins

by Frank Tobe, Owner/Publisher of The Robot Report

Willow Garage’s ROS (Robotic Operating System) provides a collection of software libraries and tools to help software developers create robot applications. ROS provides device drivers, visualizers, message-passing, package management, and advanced libraries to help application engineers understand camera, video and 3D data. Read More >>