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How Online Typing Tutors Can Help Students Improve Touch Typing Skills

speed typingAs we all know, touch typing speed matters a lot. Whether you are looking for a job as a paralegal or executive assistant, proficient touch typing skills could be the only skill that gives you a competitive edge over other qualified applicants.

When it comes to students, they also need to improve touch typing skills. This is because the current curriculum is more demanding. Students are at times overloaded with assignments that are time bound and so their speed and accuracy is very much required. If they are not proficient in typing they might find themselves lagging behind their instructors or other students and this can greatly affect their academic performance. Below are tips to help you improve touch typing skills:

1. Place your fingers correctly

If you are confused on finger placements, variations on the keyboard and special characters you cannot type effectively. Note that, F and J keys are supposed to be your best friends; they lie at the center row known as home row. This is because you will always start from there and return to them. Home row keys are A, S, D, F and F, K, L. Index fingers should rest on F and J which have got some bumps to help you locate home row with ease.

2. Refuse the urge to look at the keyboard

If you have been using computer for a while, chances are your fingers already know where some of the words are. You may think that you don’t have a clue but of course you do. Try to focus on the screen more often by resisting the urge to look at the keyboard. You can cover the keyboard with a paper to avoid getting used to it as it will affect your typing skills.

3. Practice will never get boring

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. The more you type the more efficient you will become. That one I can guarantee. You can make your practice more fun by playing interactive typing games, send emails or participate in online discussion forums. Touch typing is all about muscle memory. This means that your muscles will need more time to adjust to new techniques and practice is the only way to achieve this.

4. The right posture can do wonders 

This is one of the most overlooked factors when one wants to improve touch typing skills. Bad posture will not only take a toll on your muscles but will also affect your accuracy, speed and energy levels.

With the right posture you will boost your energy levels and you will allow your fingers to effectively rest on the right position. Keep your feet squarely on the floor and your wrist at the same level with your keyboard.

5. Typing tests

Typing tests will help you review your progress. You will be able to know your WPM and determine the effectiveness of the process. Nothing can be a bigger motivator than to watch your WPM creep up progressively.

Online tutors to help you improve touch typing skills

This offers comprehensive free tutorials with the right hand positioning for both the beginners and experts. You can proceed to more advanced tutorials and practice sessions that use combination of symbols, numbers, and letters to help your fingers get acquainted with the keyboard.

This tutor will help you learn how to type fast without having to look at the keyboard. You can take free tests and online typing games to improve typing skills.

This is a fantastic way to learn how to type and is definitely every student’s pick! is a new fresh, fun and friendly site. It has awesome features: choose your keyboard moving hands; it uses simple and colorful user interface. They offer free online typing speed test and to help you improve your touch typing skills. After the completion you are awarded a certificate. How great!

Typing is one of the skills you can develop and utilize. Honing your writing skills will be a great element to your ability. It will enable you fulfill all your errands and meet your academic and professional goals.

Our Guest Author: Adam Fort is a touch typing enthusiast and education advisor.

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