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What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Did you know that only 38% of U.S. workers are satisfied with their job? During the recession, workers were holding onto their jobs even if they hated it because there were not enough jobs to go around. However, now that the government is working its way back up, more people are questioning their job and career choices. If you are one of the many people that hate their jobs, keep reading, for this article will tell you what you should do if you feel miserable in the workplace.

1. SELF ASSESSMENT – Start asking yourself important questions about you job such as,

  • Why do you hate your job?
  • Have you always hated your job, or is this something that has started recently?
  • Do you like the people that you work with?
  • Do you like your work duties?
  • Do you know, or like anything about the company where you work?

Make a list of the pros and cons of your job to see what the comparison is. That way, maybe you will change your mind after you see the things that you dolike about your job.

2. IS IT YOU OR THE JOB? – Many people make the mistake of taking their life issues and stress out on their job. Truth is, it may not be the job that is making you feel miserable. Having a full time job with multiple responsibilities on top of having other stresses in life such as children, marriage or a relationship that is clouding your mind, bills; you get the idea, is very stressful. If you decide to leave your job because you think it is causing too much stress, it is possible that the same thing would happen with the next job that you get. The stress will not go away unless you actually analyze what is causing the stress. If your life is making you unhappy at work, you may need to get help outside from the office.

3. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR BOSS – Maybe your job is the reason why you feel miserable. Maybe the hours are too pressuring for you, or maybe you feel like you are not paid enough money. Maybe you are not interested in the projects assigned to you. Whatever the reason may be, you should always communicate with your boss. Tell him or her exactly how you feel about the situation that is driving you crazy, it might be much easier than you think! Whatever you do, definitely do not quit immediately. You should always land a secure job before quitting your present job.

4. SET YOUR CAREER GOALS – Where do you want to be in 5 years? How do you plan to do this? If you are not happy with your current career status, figure out exactly what you should do so that you are happy with your status. Make a list of what you need to do, and try to follow it starting with number 1. Try not to think too far ahead, you may get overwhelmed!

5. STAY POSITIVE – Do not let your bad moods affect your work. I know that is easier said than done; however, you should never let your emotions show while you are at work. Think of it this way, if you cause your manager to fire you, you will have a much harder time finding a new job after you quit your current one.

6. STAY PROFESSIONAL – You should always stay professional and keep doing your job well even if you are planning on quitting. If you start slacking off, you may leave your job employees and your boss with a bad taste in their mouths, along with a bad recommendation.

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