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Google Teams With GM, Honda, and Audi to Bring Android to Cars

Google Teams With GM, Honda, and Audi to Bring Android to Cars

Photo: appleinsider

With fancy screen sizes of tablets, hand held devices and phones bombarding the markets, there was little that had not been touched by the wizard of the OS, Android by Google. It was not very far fetched to think of cars coming with embedded screen systems that would be powered by Android too. And like they say, Google has done and dusted everything you could ever think of.

Yes, Google has signed up with the multinational car production brands Audi, Honda, General Motors and manufacturers of Nvidia(the supercharged computer chips) to come in alliance and create the Open Automotive Alliance. This association looks forward to building and bringing to the market, cars that are fitted with Android-integrated systems. The concept sounds pretty neat and with such big names associated with evolving the whole concept, the whole world has its eyes set on getting to see what they can come up with.

It was at the Consumer Electronics Show held at Las vegas where this grand announcement was made. The involved groups put forward their plans and goals on how they aim to ideate and collate their vision. Although the first Android powered vehicle is set for a launch by the end of 2014, release times of vehicles will completely depend on the respective manufacturer. Its been a while since Android took the mobile world by a storm with their superior technology, and since cars explain mobility in the most literal format, the alliance’s formation was only about a matter of time.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

With most people owning an Android device in current times, it becomes a lot more easier for them to get used to its user interface on the car system as well. Google promises to deliver a much more convenient driving experience backed by its mobile technology which ensures a better focus on the road without the hassles of getting distracted by other things. Such is going to be the ergonomics of the complete in-built system.

Innovation scope for app developers

This system will open doors for a new genre of apps for app developers. Where most app niches have been explored and flooded by various technology firms, it gives a fresh new area to work on and innovate. One can only wonder the tangents that innovative app developers are going to go into for making drives more convenient and hassle free. The organizations that have gotten into the alliance share a common goal: to connect the automotive industry with mobile power for innovation and progress. Driver’s safety if a big concern for them too and with this platform, it gives opportunity to analytic thinkers to come up with innovative solutions for automobile and on road safety too.

Apple following Suite

Most interestingly, this alliance does not mark Google’s debut in the automotive world. They have been working on coming up with a driverless car. With Google stepping into the automotive world, it takes no rocket science to understand that Apple would very closely follow suite. For the same, the company has already filed a patent of a touchscreen dashboard system. It has also been reported that they are simultaneously working with Honda and Hyundai among other automotive organizations for backing up cars with the iOS system in them.